ASB is a group of approximately 45 enthusiastic students, led by Mr. Fenstermaker and Mr. Paris. They strive to bring a sense of pride, accomplishment and school spirit to Sunny Hills High School and our community.
Through ASB, Sunny Hills offers the ASB/Gold Card to every student. Your purchase of the ASB/Gold card allows ASB and the school to provide support to all aspects of student life at every grade level. Everything from athletics to band to cheer and the performing arts are funded, in part, by the sales of ASB/Gold cards.
ASB works hard to provide a fun and exciting high school experience for all Lancers by promoting Dances, encouraging School Spirit, supporting our fantastic Clubs and more! Every student should have an ASB/Gold card! Along with supporting your school, your ASB/Gold Card provides discounts for many important items and events, including:

  1. Yearbook costs
  2. Student parking costs
  3. Significant discounts for tickets to dances
  4. FREE entry to many home athletic events
    and more throughout the year!

PTSA is proud to support the ASB/Stag Dances that are hosted at Sunny Hills High School in the gym or in the quad. There are three dances per year and they are organized and run by Associated Student Body Representative (ASB). The themes for each dance are changed every year and tickets are sold at school during lunchtime by the ASB.

Stag Dances are held in August, January, and May, usually from 8-11 p.m. and the cost is usually less than $10. PTSA provides the DJ, chaperones, (parents and staff) and refreshments, if needed. The January dance is a charity dance where Sunny Hills students and ASB donate the proceeds or items collected (such as canned food) to a local charity. For example: in February 2009 the theme was "So you think you CAN dance?". Students were admitted to the dance at a reduced price if they brought canned food that was later donated to Fullerton Interfaith Emergency Services (Pathways of Hope).

Any Sunny Hills High School student in good standing may attend stag dances. Single tickets are sold. Guests of Sunny Hills High School students may attend if they are enrolled at a Fullerton Joint Union High School District (FJUHSD) school and if the guest fills out and submits a guest permission slip which must be signed by their school administrators. ALL STUDENTS MUST SHOW A CURRENT STUDENT I.D. CARD TO ENTER THE DANCE.

All students and guests must respect the administration's Dance Rules. Students are advised to leave all handbags, backpacks, jackets or other articles at home. This will speed up the check-in process at the entrance to the dances.


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