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Locker rental is available for:

Seniors: Aug 1 @ 8am

Juniors: Aug 1 @ 12pm

Sophomores: Aug 2 @ 8am

Freshman: Aug 2 @ 12pm

Lockers are owned and maintained by SHHS PTSA

Our History

Sunny Hills High School was at risk of losing book lockers, so PTSA began the Locker Program to keep book lockers on campus, and available to students. With the help and cooperation of school administration, this program has been in existence for over eight years.

Locker Use Policies

Book lockers are owned and maintained by the SHHS Parent/Teacher/Student Association (PTSA). There is a rental/maintenance fee for the use of a locker during the school year. The use of PTSA lockers is optional. Students choosing to use a book locker enter an agreement to accept following cost, terms, conditions and policies.


Neither Sunny Hills High School nor the Parent Teacher Student Association is responsible for property losses or damage occurring from locker use. This includes damage to property, both personal and school, due to vandalism or weather. Students are financially responsible for stolen or damaged textbooks. Students must provide their own heavy-duty combination lock. Students should not leave textbooks or valuable personal belongings in the lockers overnight, for long periods of time, or during rainy weather. Students are advised that the corridor roofs leak during rainy weather and water often leaks into lockers. Students must report vandalism or theft by filling out a report in room 6. Fees to support the Locker Program are non-refundable. Administrators and security may check lockers and have the authority to open lockers when necessary.

FEES 2018/2019

$25 includes use/maintenance Fee.

PLEASE BE AWARE THAT WITHOUT FEES WE CANNOT CONTINUE TO REPLACE OLD LOCKERS OR MAINTAIN LOCKERS. Your financial contribution to the locker program covers the costs of cleaning, maintenance, and locker replacement. All other duties associated with the running of the locker program are done by volunteers. PTSA will provide a locker to students in need, as long as lockers are available.

Any funds received over and above the budget of the solicited purpose will be put into the general fund.

Locker Assignment

You can choose and par for your locker on line at or Lockers will be assigned during Schedule Lancer Days before the start of school. Students wishing to have a locker assignment next to their friends should try to come to the locker assignment room together. PTSA strives to accommodate special needs and student preferences as long as lockers are available.

LATE Locker Assignment

PTSA volunteers will assign lockers during lunch for the first week of school. Thereafter, students can pickup a LOCKER FORM in room 7 (attendance office) to request a locker or do it on line.

Problems - Questions - Concerns

We will attempt to address all problems as soon as possible. Students can contact us via email at

In cases of theft or vandalism, students must fill out a Locker Report form (available in Room 6) stating the nature of the problem and wait to be contacted.

  • DO NOT put a lock on any other locker. It will be CUT OFF without notice. Contents will be taken to the office.
  • There will be NO locker CHANGES without a valid reason.

If you have a locker problem:

  • See a PTSA rep. in Locker Assign room (during Lancer Days before the start of school)
  • See a PTSA rep. at lunch (first week of school)
  • Get a Locker Form from room 6 (all year)

PTSA wants students to have a positive and successful school experience - please contact us.
Jenifer Nece